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'My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am.' 

~ Author Unknown


'Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.' 

~ Roger Caras

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words….but this picture beautifully captures how I feel about our Labradors.  It’s called LOVE!   Our dogs are an integral part of our family, living in our home and bringing us of joy, happiness and unconditional love each day.  They are always so eager to please whether being shown in the conformation ring, training towards the goal of a hunting or obedience title, performing therapy work or just being a wonderful snuggle buddy on the couch with us.


As you will see, we have a deep affection or addiction for the Chocolate Labrador Retriever and that is the main focus of our breeding program. Our goal at SecretWinn is to breed beautiful, intelligent, healthy and genetically sound English type Labrador Retrievers with wonderful temperaments using the Labrador Retriever Standard as a guide.


​SecretWinn Labradors has been an incredible journey since 2005, when we purchased our first Labrador from Ann Hawkins. Magic was exactly what we wanted, but after years of attending dog shows, lots of reading and asking my mentor, Ann, a bazillion questions, we purchased our Murray.  Not only did GCH Hawk-N’s Secret Masterpiece RN CGC “Murray” excel in the show ring, but he was a wonderful producer of beautiful Champion Labradors and loving family pets. We’re blessed to have three beautiful generations from Murray and are looking forward to sharing their future with you.


We hope you enjoy your visit and our Love of Labradors, too! 


Debbie & Ken

Murray 9 weeks (2).JPG



So Very Thankful For ~ Incredibly Grateful To ~ Unbelievably Blessed By


Ann Hawkins, Hawk-N’s Labradors, for sharing her love and commitment to the Labrador Retriever breed, especially Chocolates. Her guidance has been a wonderful gift that I will always cherish.


Bernadette Brown, King’s Ransom Kennels, for sharing her knowledge and experiences of breeding and litter evaluations.


Amy Wall, Professional Handler, for always exhibiting our Labradors beautifully.


Earl Thomas, Nachusa Labradors, Professional Trainer and Handler, for bringing out the best with obedience, field training and expert handling. 


All the many other Labrador breeders, professional handlers, and trainers who have guided us

through the years.


Contact Us For More Information:

SecretWinn Labradors ~ Debbie and Ken Winn

Lexington, South Carolina

(803) 356-4946

So grateful to Renee Willis of Cinnamire Labradors for sharing her wonderful talents of beautiful photography and web design.  

Your passion for Labradors shows through in your creativity.


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