'It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.'

~Author Unknown



SecretWinn's Loud & Clear at Sky Farm

DOB  4/30/20

OFA Hips TBD, OFA Elbows TBD

PRA Clear, EIC Clear, DM Clear, HNPK Clear

CMN Clear, MCD Clear, Cystinuria Clear, SD2 Clear

RD/OSD Clear, Copper Toxicosis Clear

Color Coat DD - does not carry the dilute gene

Color Profile: bbEE Pure for Chocolate (Does not carry Yellow)

Does Not Carry Long Coat

Full Dentition

I’m proud to share the ownership of this beautiful boy with Abby Crosby of Sky Farm Labradors. We are both very excited about his future.



Louder at Fence.jpg
Blue Boy 5 weeks 3.JPG
Blue Boy 5 weeks 3.JPG

Photo at 5 weeks of age